Autopal Industries a 250.00 cr group, focused on the lighting, finance and reality business. Mr. D. P. Gupta initiated this association in 1971. It was his will power and vibrant outlook that make this venture recognized in various countries.
AUTOPAL GROUP has gathered in the cutting-edge technological sphere and always takes a lead in manufacturing the domestic, automotive, outdoor, etc. lighting products that are significantly exhibited by its several agencies. Among which, the automotive is our primary concept. And, due to this, we are a prestigious brand holder- “AUTOPAL”, proffering our automotive lighting energy in 60 countries on the turf.

Areas Our team believes in making our earth more eco-friendly and this is the reason we offer the most contemporary energy-efficient solutions in diverse areas: workplace, office, industries, homes, hospitals, etc.

Uniqueness Being an enthusiastic innovator and visionary, we shape our nation’s future with the contemporary amazing lighting applications, such as modern LED technology. LED (or Light Emitting Diode) lamps are not only environmental-friendly but also say “Zero UV emission” to the world. Apart from this, it has come up with “never ending benefits” for all.

Triumph Today, Autopal is a well-versed brand and exports our products in more than 50 countries across the globe. With this grand step, we have won many National and International Awards for the brilliance in the latest technology solutions and export in lighting scope.